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Knowing the market value of your future product is what our researchers aim for. Being experts in the future creates a faster time to market, a lean process and a long-lasting product.


Research and insights are at the core of all our projects at Attention.

We understand the strategic potential in thorough research, not only for your new product, but also for your business, your brand and the manufacturing setup.

We like to begin our collaborations with a workshop, where the scope of the project is agreed upon. This is to ensure aligned expectations and create a realistic road map customized to the project.

Research & insights is a core service that has proven its worth. By digging deep into the mind of the user, our sociologists and designers are able to build a solid foundation for a subsequent design process. By conducting user workshops and user interviews, unique insights can be documented and translated into opportunities for creating new products and product functionality.

We can help your company put new and innovate products on the market. But we need a common platform first. Therefore, we have developed a tool that we call the Project Specification Workshop.

What is your market? Do you know your target audience? What are the goals and limitations for the product? Are there any legal or legislative precautions you need to keep in mind? What about the logistics? The installation? And how to repair, replace or waste manage the product? Usabillity, competitions, durability and many other questions will be taken into consideration during your Project Specification Workshop.

We know that the fastest and most efficient way to get a good product development process on track is to have a comprehensive design or development brief for the project. That is what the Project Specification Workshop will give you and us.

Following the user through the user journey is a powerful way to collect user data. By taking the time to catch and describe the users’ concerns and pain points, solutions that otherwise would have been missed can be realized. These pain points and concerns can give great value to the product development process. There are several methods of observation and data collection that we can apply – from ghost shoppers that follow customers through a shopping experience to user trials in customers’ homes or in the field.

We develop design strategies to support our clients’ overall business strategy to create a consistent, compelling brand. A design strategy should be highly operational to aid decision-making and safeguard a brand’s unique DNA.

collecting research and insights on the harbour

“Exploring human behaviour, needs and motivations through observation, usability testing and data analysis is what drives our design process and ensures that our solutions – both technically and aesthetically – are up to par.

Anders B. Kiertzner, Director of Research and Insights


research and insights from the young foot ballers


When Attention collaborated with Munin on the creation of a new generation of football training equipment for kids, we discovered surprising user insights. Engaging with the parents, for example, revealed important insights about having a football goal occupy your back lawn, next to windows, flowerbeds, and neighbours.


research and insights at the New Hospital Nordsjælland


Attention’s work at Nordsjællands Hospital provided an in-depth understanding of the various problems the staff experienced with handling waste, which made it possible to improve the environment for both the staff and the patients.



If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact one of our research experts.

Anders Bang Kiertzner
Anders Bang KiertznerDirector of Research & Insights
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Martin Pråme Malmqvist
Martin Pråme MalmqvistManaging Partner
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Morten Georg Jensen
Morten Georg Jensen Innovation & Test Engineer / Project Manager
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