Developed with Attention

We are a user-centered design company that turns complex challenges into long-lasting, competitive and attractive products.

Our team of experts with backgrounds from Human Sciences, Business, Industrial and UX Design, Engineering and Production have extensive experience servicing an international client base. We provide resources and solutions within Research & Insights, Ideation & Design, Engineering & Testing and Production & Logistics. 

Since our start in 2011, we have focused on creating high quality and timeless products. The specialty that we have evolved, lies in handling complex challenges – heavy requirements, intricate user needs, compliance issues, high market ambitions, etc. – and arriving at an end result that is cost efficient, attractive, competitive and long-lasting. A long-lasting product will not have to be redesigned or replaced too soon. It will have been designed with sustainability, life-cycle impact, product economy and decommissioning in mind from the start. A long-lasting product will be an icon.

Attention is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Experts in product development

“As a premium supplier, we need to be ahead of the game – so why use an agency like Attention? We do it to break the routine, offer innovative solutions through fresh eyes, to increase differentiation, become more flexible regarding resources and to lower risk of surprises to improve forward planning.”

Anthony Evans, Director of Product Management at Nilfisk

Attention Design is run by partners Henrik Jeppesen and Martin Pråme Malmqvist.

Experts in product development


Founding Partner Henrik Jeppesen is an Architect and Industrial Designer from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture and Design, Denmark. He is an experienced Specialist with a long history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Innovation Management, User Experience, Medical Devices, Design Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Experts in product development


Managing Partner Martin Pråme Malmqvist is an Industrial Designer from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Sweden.  He has experience from the leading of creative teams through a wide variety of product development projects. He is interested in practically everything and has a deep drive to understand the underlying factors of the task at hand, which is a prerequisite for delivering innovative solutions.


Since the start of the company, we have had the pleasure of receiving several international design and innovation awards together with our clients. Read more about it with the cases presented on the Projects page.