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Tracking light with Lys Technologies

Did you know that your light intake affects your well-being, productivity and quality of sleep? Why wouldn’t you track it then, just as you may track your daily steps?

For a good circadian rhythm, it is not only important to get enough of natural light during the day. You should also avoid blue light in the evenings. As people today spend an increasing amount of time indoors, getting exposed to artificial light and staring at their smart devices, this may seem difficult to keep track of.

Lys Technologies is a start-up that has tapped into this issue by creating a wearable device that tracks how much and what type of light you get exposed to in your daily routines. The miniature sensors replicate the photoreceptors inside human eyes, which allows the device to detect exactly what type of light your eyes receive, in real-time.

The data collected by the sensors is gathered and analyzed with a Lys-app. The app then provides you with insights and guides you to the right amount of light. Consequently, Lys helps you to manage your sleep-wake cycle and assists you with a healthier daily routine.


Attention joined path with Lys in the construction and production of the Scandinavian-designed wearable sensor. The discreet device is no larger than a coin, and is designed with a one-fits-all mentality. However, the size and the design are not the only features that make Lys extremely user-friendly. The sensor can be attached to just about anything, it is water and dust resistant and the device runs for 7 days with a single charge. In conclusion, Lys is effortless to integrate into your everyday life. Thanks to its convenient features Lys is suitable for everyone, disregard of challenging conditions or an active lifestyle.

Attention is a supporter of Lys, and we warmly welcome the health benefits that come with the Lys light-diet.

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