Project Description


Attention participated in a pre-study for a series of new ticket vending machines for Skånetrafiken. In a competition with more than 20 other companies, Attention joined forces with our partner company Great Works Copenhagen. As a result of the cooperation, we delivered a concept that was eventually selected as one of the contributions that will serve as a benchmark for the coming implementation phase.

An intense period of user studies combined with an iterative process of sketching, mock-ups, test and evaluation, resulted in a concept for an easily accessible and highly intuitive ticket vending machine with features such as adaptable height and tools for passengers with visual impairments.

The studies resulted in a dynamic UI that utilises AI to deliver meaningful and easily accessible choices for the user. The purpose of this is to deliver ease-of-mind without compromising on speed and efficiency.

Also, for the benefit of the service provider, the machines are constructed in a way that enables safe and simple maintenance and an easily upgradable system for the purpose of future proofing.