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Project Description


We are so privileged to be the mentors for the Danish Tech Challenge 2018 during the next 4 months for the following start-ups: Measurelet, SolarSack and TubusOne.

Henrik Jeppesen our founding partner is in close contact with the three mentee companies where they discuss their products regarding design, process, production, materials, go to market and delivery. The three companies each support specific UN sustainable development goals. One of our important roles that we have is to pose questions on how the products can be prepared for a circular thinking asking how we can rethink, reduce, reuse & recycle throughout the entire process.

Here a brief introduction to our mentees:

  • MeasureLet – a toilet, that measure patients’ urine and faeces and transfers the data directly to the patients report file. It increases the efficiency at hospitals on tests and improves the patients’ and nurses’ user experience.
  • SolarSack – is a water container that can purify water using sunlight. SolarSack aims to help people in developing countries, both through private sales and aid programs.
  • TubusOne – is a device used for navigating on tablets and smartphones if your fingers or arms are dysfunctional. It works by blowing into a tube that resembles a finger. It can be used for all touchscreen devices.



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