Project Description


Before SKOV joined the PLUS program with Attention, they were asking whether the displays on their embedded systems should be 10” or 12”. But during their partnership with Attention, they quickly found out that they should be asking entirely different questions.

SKOV is a company specialised in climate and farm management solutions for animal production. They have experienced rapid growth in the past 10-15 years, and were therefore looking for a way to optimise existing products, as well as develop new ones, based on a thorough understanding of the users and their needs.

Attention and SKOV worked together in the PLUS program and used the value proposition framework to uncover and highlight the values that companies wish to create for their customers through products and services.

“We quickly discovered that SKOV was in need of a new, more structured strategy for their product developments,” says Anders B. Kiertzner, Director of Research and Insights at Attention.

Mads Frederiksen, Product Manager at SKOV, says that the cooperation has been very successful, and completely changed the way the company works:  “We now have a technically revolutionizing concept, that is thought through. And that is exactly what design does. It binds together the technical and business-related aspects in a way that we never imagined before.”

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