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As we are setting sight on the new year, we are also preparing for some new challenges. At Attention we are determined to see an opportunity in every challenge, and by realising, accepting and acting on the changing conditions we strive to stay ahead of product development. Here are three major challenges that we believe will be game changers in 2018.

1. Digital is disappearing

Digital is on its way to merge with our surroundings and these two will eventually become one seamless experience. During the past years the touchpoints for services have increasingly become screens – laptops, tablets, smartphones, you name it. However, this is about to change as the Internet of Things continues to conquest our homes, devices and even what we wear. IoT is pushing us towards a future with less screens and more sensors that allow smart physical objects. Soon everyhting can be controlled from your pocket, and smartphones will be all the screens we need. As a result, the focus that digital design has enjoyed the past years is shifting back to physical presence, that is supported by digital and data to improve the experience.

3 Challenges of Product Design to Look Out for in 2018

2. Forgiving design

Consumption is more conscious than ever. The vast access to information has raised expectations sky high, resulting in consumers demanding continuous service upgrades and high levels of personalization. In 2018 all kinds of products and services are expected to adapt around consumers’ changing needs, wants and whims. Product and service design needs to be forgiving and flexible, allowing customers to go back in time and change their past decisions. An ultimate example of this is Tesla during the Hurricane Irma. The electric car provider helped people escape the hurricane by pushing a free software that unlocked full battery range for all its cars in the storm-affected area, even for the customers who had purchased a lower battery capacity. Talk about adaptive design.

3. Artificial intelligence

Yes, we are aware that there has been a lot of buzz around AI for many years now. However, the concept has so far been developed mostly in terms of technology, leaving the user experience with lesser attention. Hence, design is the next step that is needed in the advancement and adoption AI. Artificial intelligence needs to be incorporated with design practices to become more sensible, safe and good for humans.

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