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Project Description


Nilfisk approached Attention to get assistance in designing a user-friendly and robust commercial vacuum cleaner with a clever design and innovative features.

The co-creation venture resulted in the production of the low energy consumption and whisper-quiet vacuum cleaner VP600, which was awarded for its outstanding design with the Purur Award 2015.

Attention started the process by analysing the usage of existing vacuum cleaners during innovation workshops.

Different concepts were canvassed in order to explore potential problems and key benefits for the users and learn what they expect from a vacuum cleaner in general.

By walking in the shoes of the users, Attention obtained useful insights that made it possible to understand what is relevant for the users in the professional environment of commercial floor cleaning, where vacuum cleaners are heavily used.

Combining the findings from the research with the insights and knowledge of Nilfisk, Attention built several mock-ups and prototypes which were tested and adjusted. The outcome was an innovative and flexible modular built vacuum cleaner.

Not only did Attention help to recreate the design and make it aesthetically appealing, they also helped Nilfisk develop a feasible and producible concept.

The Nilfisk VP600’s innovative system makes it easier to swap and replace various components in order to find the most suitable variant for every cleaning job in every business environment.

The modular concept offers great flexibility in choosing a range of features and makes self-servicing and maintenance very easy.

The innovative vacuum cleaning solution was engineered to reduce strain on the user’s body in terms of maneuvering and bending over.

Thanks to a telescoping wand that picks up accessory heads without the user having to bend over and an on-board storage for tools and accessories.

All in all, the VP600 combines traditional characteristics to keep the brand identity with innovative, intuitive and user friendly features.

There is a self-locating magnet dust lit, reversed accessory holders, a durable and time-saving cord rewind and broken parts can easily be replaced with new modules.

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