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Design Mentoring – what is that?

A recent open call for Danish Design Centre’s mentor corps got us curious. What exactly is design mentoring and what are the benefits for the different parties involved?

This fall, the Danish Design Centre asked Denmark’s sharpest designers and innovators to join their new mentor corps of designers. We are proud to announce that our Director of Research and Insights, Anders B. Kiertzner, was selected from a crowd of strong and competent applicants. Insipired by this honorary task, we did some digging to find out the perks of design mentoring.

What does the Danish design mentor corps do?

The goal is to raise the standard of design services in Danish companies. With the support of the Danish Design Centre, the mentors will challenge, inspire, encourage and guide business leaders to a design mindset. This means shifting focus towards increased customer involvement, co-design, design management and sharpened branding.

What are the benefits for the companies participating in the programme?

The ambition is that companies will be better equipped to use design methods to strengthen their business’s growth and competitivness. These tools are especially crucial as we live in a time when existing business models are challenged by new digital opportunities, globalization and shifts in the markets.

Design mentoring

Anders B. Kiertzner

Anders has in recent years run a large number of design and innovation projects for SMEs at home and abroad. In addition to the work of developing and leading specific product development tasks, he has assisted with lectures and co-creation workshops on innovation, design thinking and user and behavioral research for companies, professional networks and public bodies.

We know that two out of five businesses do not use designers in their product and business development, but 90% of companies that use design at strategic level experience increased economic growth. Therefore, it is important to mobilize Danish designers for matchmaking, especially with the many small and medium-sized companies.

Christian Bason, Adm. Director, Danish Design Center

Why become a design mentor?

A mentor gets the unique possibility to boost the market for design services and the demand for design competencies. Moreover, you gain access to new potential customers and markets and the possibility to expose design to Danish companies. As for Attention, we love to innovate, to create new products, and to allow our clients and friends to challenge us. We enjoy encounters where people see things in different lights. These are the design moments that either allow us to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. Thus, we see mentoring as a learning opportunity that we welcome with open arms.

Read more here (Danish only).

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