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When talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), we’re not talking about the future anymore. IoT is here and it is exploding. As devices that you could never have imagined become connected, we wonder; is IoT always necessary?

With today’s technology overflow it is crucial to stand apart from competition and find a way to bring real value to consumers. When it comes to meaningful IoT, applying the principle of less is more is often the way to go. Here are three principles that help you stay relevant in the jungle of connected devices.

Principle #1: Non-connected is the new connected

There is a fine line between being innovative and overdoing it. Case in point; everything does not need to be connected. When planning a device, consider carefully the value of IoT. In many cases there is a risk that IoT complicates something that was working perfectly fine from the beginning. We mean, do we really need our water bottles smart?

Principle #2: A focus on meaning in the everyday

The one and single most important word here is function. Looking to what we use in our everyday, and designing for those objects, enchanting them, is the first step in moving towards developing meaningful IoT experiences.

Principle #3: Future smart products need to nurture human-to-human connection

Today, many products out there focus on the individual. Devices that bring humans closer to each other are much more uncommon. The Baha 5 hearing device, co-developed by Cohclear and Attention is a brilliant example of design that centres around the user’s interaction with other human beings, bringing meaning to their lives.

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Meaningful IoT

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