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Alistair David Morton
Alistair David Morton
Partner / Engineering Director

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Dental Care Unit, XO4, XO Care 2017-05-23T11:16:19+00:00

Project Description


Dental surgery requires great precision and complete control.

To offer dentists and their patients comfort, safety and productivity, XO Care asked Attention to help make the design for the instrument bridge, instruments and user interface for their new dental care unit.

Ergonomics and balance were the key concerns as Attention set out to explore the user situation.

On-site innovation workshops allowed patients and dentists to co-create with Attention’s design team.

A need for individually adjustable features was identified.

The output of the innovation workshop went into the Attention think tank.

Sketches and ideas were developed into concepts for easy use of and interaction with the XO Care system.

Attention’s engineers conducted tests to ensure that each instrument could balance perfectly on the dental surgeon’s finger for complete control.

The result is an instrument bridge designed for precision and elegance.

The balance suspension for each instrument is individually adjustable and the instrument bridge can be moved sideways and up and down by the simple touch of a finger.

Every detail developed to guarantee XO Care high brand value.

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Henrik Jeppesen
Henrik JeppesenFounding Partner
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