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Good ergonomics is one of the cornerstones of Attention’s product design and development. Considering workplace ergonomics reduces costs, increases productivity and most importantly, improves quality of life and promotes safety. Hence, ergonomics combines two areas rarely related to each other: good business and caring for people. 

At Attention, it is extremely important to focus on the user when developing products. Research and insights are our core services that have proven their worth. Digging deep into the everyday of the user helps realize solutions that otherwise would have been missed.

The awardwinning Nilfisk’s VL500 industrial vacuum cleaner is an exemplary case, where our persistence to upgrade the ergonomics point of view led to a hugely successful product, both well-being and businesswise. The initial goal of the project was to create a more powerful vacuum cleaner, but our team quickly learned about a range of other issues for the usage of this type of vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, Nilfisk welcomed our suggestion to explore and find solutions for these issues.

The result was a solution engineered to reduce strain on the user’s body in terms of manoeuvring and bending over. Our design team studied for days how the machine was used by the cleaning staff, and interviewed users for deeper insights.

One of the main contributions for the ergonomic design was the patented Nilfisk Ergo Tipping solution. Emptying an industrial vacuum cleaner requires lifting of 35, 55 or even 75 litres of water, which is a huge load for the user’s back. However, this was made easy and effortless with the Ergo Tip solution that divides the weight in a way that minimizes the burden on the user.

The story of Nilfisk VL500 is only one of the many, that proves the effect of incorporating ergonomics and design. Other similar stories are BROEN’s Ballofix handle and Vestas’ Skylight.

Read more about the Nilfisk VL500 here and here.

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