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Project Description


In response to an increased focus on design and aesthetics from users of hearing implants, Cochlear partnered up with Attention to update the design of their Baha sound processors.

Extensive user research, pioneering design and technical expertise all came together in the innovative Baha 5 Sound Processor – and was rewarded with a Red Dot Award.

An expert in hearing technology for more than 35 years, Cochlear needed fresh insights about how to apply their advances in technology for new and innovative designs that better met the users’ preferences and needs.

This became the starting point for Attention, initiating months of research with doctors, health care professionals and people with hearing loss in multiple markets.

It quickly became clear from the research that the redesign should address both size and general appearance of the device.

Along with a reduction of the physical size, the team worked on reducing the perceived size by rounding corners, adding smooth, soft surfaces and revising the colour options to match the warm, natural tones of human hair.

The result is an extraordinarily beautiful product that will break down barriers in relation to users’ choice of hearing implant.

The design respects the user’s need for a discreet, almost invisible device, that appears more like a piece of jewelry than a hearing implant.

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