Project Description


TrygFonden, Nordic Firefly, SAP and Attention!


“We know that working together with specialists and experts give better solutions which again was emphasized during this process”. Henrik Jeppesen, Founding Partner at Attention.

First of all, thank you to TrygFonden who let us use the ladder as a workshop case at the SAP innovation Forum Nordics 2018. Our idea was to take an existing and long-lasting product and see how we could use new technology to improve maintenance of the ladder in several ways.

In the workshop, we generated ideas aiming to improve the Harbour Officer daily tasks by using user-centered design, technology, community thinking and gamification.

This was followed by two days of coding, discussions, more coding and after 48 hours the solution was presented by Mr Thomas Schoerner from SAP.

We are very proud to be the winners as the criteria were based on desirability, feasibility and viability. Finally, we proposed solutions that add value not only to the market, but also to the users and the entire city. Furthermore, we were up against some tough competition with Royal Greenland, PlanetLocal and Falck.

The hackathon shows that together we were able to upgrade existing products by using innovation and new technologies. This is a clear example of how Attention understands and shows that designing products is not only about materials and shapes, but also about adding value to our society. Concentrating on user experience, services and creating solutions with purpose.

Learn more about the TrygFonden Ladder.


Turning thinking into doing at the SAP Innovation Forum Nordics 2018


This week (September 14th) we participated in a workshop where we used an existing product, the ladder from TrygFonden, as a stepping stone. With our knowledge of user-driven Innovation and Nordic Fireflys knowledge on designing converters for solar panels.

We met SAP experts to get ideas and discuss new solutions on how to expand the usage of the ladders and to gather information from the usage by involving IOT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in saving more lives!

More workshops are taking place on the 19th and 20th of September at  SAP Innovation Forum Nordics 2018. SAP experts will give intimate jumpstart sessions to show the functionality of the new software. At the same time, they will assess and evaluate different solutions. Feasibility, desirability, viability and originality will be the key factors that will be evaluated and choose the winner on the 20th of September.



Kulturnatten 2018

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