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Our engineering experts are your guarantee that a product developed with Attention is created according to the newest and highest standards, and that durability and quality are taken into account throughout the development process.


Based on your preferred concept, mechanical engineering and detailing of the product can begin. 

We refine the concept in terms of functionality and appearance. We test and review to ensure that manufacturability factors as well as other technical considerations are taken into account.

Last, we specify colours, material and finish. The product is thus taken from a concept to its final phase, making it ready for production.

We 3D-print, spray paint, assemble, test, and make prototypes that are so life-like that it is possible to test with the users before having a finished product. That gives you a head start in competitive markets.

We specialize in project management, concept development, engineering design, electrical engineering, FEA and CFD, and testing. Our skills cover all the major disciplines involved in product design, from large scale machines to micro pumps.

Our engineers have traveled the globe, helping clients with wind turbines in India, cranes in Italy, pumps in Turkey, medical equipment in America and trucks in Holland. No two projects are the same, and our skilled team is seasoned in applying our robust process to everything from hydraulic machinery, offshore installations, and agricultural equipment to mobile devices and hand held marine radios. From the first brainstorm of ideas, through to the final product testing, our engineers aim to be the best at the complete process.

Our creative outlook on the engineering process benefits our clients in many ways, creating exciting new products, improving product reliability, giving access to new markets, reducing costs and fortifying IP portfolios.

Do you need support to help identify why your product breaks when everything looks good on the surface? Is your project delayed due to unpredicted iterations in your process? Is your product perfect, except for sky-high production costs? Our engineers are experts in unlocking the secrets of what goes on under the surface, and we know what to look for when a problem arises. We offer targeted engineering support directly at the heart of your development teams, from a single day of problem solving to regular coaching on different topics, such as project planning, concept generation, mechanical analysis and lean design.

Our mechanical engineers translate design visions into working solutions. To safeguard innovation, quality and viability, our engineers are involved in the design process from day one. This way, we can avoid gaps between design and engineering, improve time to market and ultimately create better business for our clients.

If you do not push the limits, you never find the boundaries. Within the project teams at Attention, we are driven towards serving the correct balance between form and function. One of the important tools in this process is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

Within this field of expertise we calculate and evaluate mechanical relationships, strengths, stiffness and physical properties using 3D modeling & Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we look at the way components act in their environments, looking at e.g. wind resistance, fluid flow, cooling capacities and heat conductivity using.

Our in-house prototype lab provides high quality prototypes. Rapid prototyping, 3D-printing, visual models, functional models and working prototypes are all a natural part of our development process. Our clients can quickly and easily order directly via our engineering department.

Mechatronics is a cross-disciplinary approach to product development that combines several skill sets: mechanical, electrical, control and computer engineering, and in our case, design.

The boundaries between disciplines are removed early in a project, allowing creativity and ideas to flow between all levels of the product development team. This collaboration between designers, ergonomics and user experts as well as engineers with experience in mechatronics results in intuitive, well-designed products with fully integrated electronic systems.

In highly complex applications and systems across a number of industries, system performance and compatibility often become the only deciding factors when choosing systems. Other factors, such as physical compatibility, usability, human factors and design can be overlooked or down-prioritized. Perhaps there is a gap between the system you want to utilize and the physical constraints of the application in question?

At Attention, we seek to bridge that gap through high quality integration of COTS hardware (Commercial Off The Shelf) into a number of industrial applications. Whether you are constructing a driver’s cabin, a server room or the bridge of a naval vessel, approaching the task holistically and designing a truly integrated solution that takes operator and crew into account will raise the level of your product above that of your competition.

mechanical engineering: testing is a big part of that

“Focus on user experience is a potent framework for engineering innovative solutions.”

Alistair David Morton, Engineering Director


mechanical engineering when making the nilfisk vacuum cleaner


The Nilfisk VP60 was engineered to reduce strain and aid maneuvering for cleaning staff, and it was developed with various component options making it customizable and hence suitable for every cleaning job. It received the Purur Award for its high level of innovation and user-friendly system in 2015.


mechanical engineering in small size: making the unomedical infuser


Unomedical approached Attention for expertise in developing their medical equipment Inset™ 30. With a vast amount of focus on the users, Attention’s mechanical engineers developed a single, sterile and safe solution in one simple device.




If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact one of our development experts.

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