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We offer expertise in manufacturing as well as logistics. With more than 25 years of experience in sourcing, development and delivering Attention offers a secure, highly efficient and lean production of any given product.


We produce both small and large scale volumes, as well as prototypes, depending on your need.

By including our manufacturing experts throughout the process, we address challenges, minimize risk and optimize the design, which ensures that you get the best possible end-product at a good price.

Our collaboration partners are mainly situated in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. We assemble in both Asia and Europe, and we always source according to the best price and best-tested quality.

Production and logistics is the last step in the process and is coordinated by our team of production engineers and logistical experts. This core service allows us to provide a competitive production setup for our clients via our suppliers in Europe, Taiwan and China. It can be offered as a single service for clients that wish to cost-optimize existing products, or combined with one or all of our other core services for the full development package.

Our production engineers are often on site locally and in the Far East to check tooling, set up assembly lines and ensure the right quality is achieved. Our logistics experts deal with the day to day orders and ensure all items are tracked and delivered as agreed. In a constantly changing world we are simultaneously expanding Attention’s network to match our customer’s technological needs.

We engineer and manufacture production tools for large or small scale production. Our tooling experts have over 20 years of experience in injection molding, extrusions and blow molding. We work with all types of plastics, rubbers, and metals including zinc and magnesium.

We assist our clients with specification of materials, surface finishes, slip angles, split lines, injector positions and much more. Based on 3D CAD models developed by our engineering team or sent to us by our clients, we develop the tools to exact specifications, be it for marine or medical applications. Our clients can order tools for use in their own production or simply use our production set-up. Our tooling experts offer guidance through the complete process from the first idea to final delivery.

We manage everything from clean-room and sterilization facilities to high capacity injection moulding machines and assembly lines. Our production engineers are experts in plastics and electronics and monitor our production closely through on-site staff. We have built our supplier network in the Far East to be able to offer high quality production of plastics, metals, electronics, wood, textile, glass and ceramics.

We practice a very careful process and quality control. We align with our clients’ quality department and include them in our inspection and approval processes to ensure a seamless and smooth collaboration.

To match an increasing demand from our clients, we have added Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs competencies to our services. This allows us to offer complete management of, or assistance with, regulatory affairs & regulatory strategy, clinical evaluation & clinical trials, reimbursement & health economics, quality assurance & documentation and product & process validation & verification.

Our logistics team has day to day contact with our suppliers, ensuring that deliveries are controlled and dispatched as agreed. On many projects we also receive key component parts from our clients that are built in to sub-assemblies or final products. For tight deadlines or special orders, air freight can be arranged. Our logistics teams is often involved in the early stages of product development, which enables them to give advice on shipping costs and shipping methods that can improve the economy in a product for the client.

If something should happen to the items during transport, our logistics team is ready to mitigate and ensure that production lines and deliveries are not disturbed.


“We try to manage expectations with our clients during the entire process to ensure agreements about price, delivery time etc. In practice, that means we offer an as transparent and honest process as possible, so that the client gets a clear idea about it.”

Jesper Lassen, Head of Production


manufacturing for Vavuud sleipnir


Vaavud approached Attention for help with the development of one of their signature products – the Sleipnir Wind Meter. The design team created an elegant and functional device that was awarded with the Red Dot Award, and the production team ensured a delivery of consistent quality.


manufacturing for gn resound: dot


Timing was crucial for the delivery of the packaging for GN ReSound, who had a tight deadline for their new hearing aid.

Attention managed to deliver in only three months, where everything from the initial ideation and sketching to the delivery of the first 10.000 hearing aid boxes was completed.




If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact one of our production experts.

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