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We are experts in industrial design.
Designing innovative, award-winning, aesthetic and highly-functional products is the focus of our design team.


Attention’s unique process makes it possible to create industrial design that wins awards and get patents for our clients over again and over again.

Based on the product specifications, we begin our design process of ideation and creation.

Multiple concept ideas are generated for your product, which is your guarantee that you end up with the best possible result.

Our goal is always to top your expectations and match the users’ needs.

Design & ideation is a core service and is built upon the skills entwined in our creative mix. From innovation workshops to conceptual sketching, our team aims to deliver the hottest ideas and cutting edge aesthetics. Our design team is supplemented with insights generated by our sociologists and backed up by our engineering and production experts. This proven mix of professional skills has helped us design award-winning vacuum cleaners for Nilfisk, patented professional solutions for Vestas and unique medical products for Coloplast.  This single service can be tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs, as a standalone service or combined with one or all of our core services.

At Attention, designing products is about creating outstanding user experiences. From hand sketches and concept art to 3D surface models and real life prototypes, our skilled team has years of experience in creating award-winning designs. With the help of good user insights and technical backup from our sociologists and engineers, our designers are able to push the limits and create original and exciting solutions. We operate within a wide variety of industries from consumer products and clean-tech & industry to healthcare & medical products.

A good packaging design can create a strong impression on the consumer and help increase sales. Yet, this key piece of the user journey is often only initiated once the product has been designed. We believe packaging plays a key role in defining the perceived value of a product, and is not just there to protect it during transport. For that reason, we consider product packaging from the early stages of the full product development projects we run.

We design and produce many types of packaging for our clients  – from simple cardboard and foam solutions, to more sturdy carry-case type solutions.  To achieve this, we use all aspects of our creative mix to deliver a packaging solution that gives our client’s products a strong position in their respective markets.

Designing interior is about creating spaces that work. Our design team helps you influence the experience and flow through interior design components such as lighting, style and accessibility.

User interface design is an area of increased importance for our clients and is key to making a product that is simple, intuitive and fun to use. From physical human interfaces to touch screen graphical inputs, packaging or service design, we design user experiences rooted in a deep understanding of real people. Our aim is to design for minimal human inputs to achieve the desired output, while in parallel eliminating confusing feedback. While interface design evolves at an ever increasing pace, we aim to be at the forefront of what technology can allow.

Ideas and innovations are a central part of our work. We love to innovate, to create new products, and to allow our clients and friends to see challenges in a different light.

Design is a tool that either allows us to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. Disrupting existing markets is something our particular skill set is good for. We are accredited on more than 70 patents, all created for our clients as part of the challenges we have solved.

To ensure the right approach to patenting new ideas as well as avoiding infringements of competitor patents, we offer intellectual property rights strategy and freedom-to-operate management via our patent attorneys.

Industrial design by one of our designers

“We believe in fast iterations of prototyping and testing, no matter which scale we do it in. The purpose of this is to get feedback as quickly as possible and let the bad ideas fail early, so that the good ones expose themselves.”

Berker Diker, Industrial Designer



Attention set out to transform the market for hearing technology when working with Cochlear on the the Baha 5, a sound processor for hearing impaired. The result was a discrete but beautiful device that looked more like a piece of jewelry than a hearing implant, and for that, Attention received the Red Dot Award 2015.



Simplicity and elegance were key words in the design of the router for TP-Link. A thorough analysis of the needs, trends and styles in European and North American markets lay the foundation for the design work.




If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact one of our industrial design experts.

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