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We develop consumer products.

The Attention team works with ergonomics, cradle-to-cradle, mechatronics, fluid dynamics, research, manufacturing and much more within a large variety of projects.

Our process is the same every time. This benefits the client with a fast time-to-market and a long-lasting product that matches the users’ needs.

Our expertise within consumer product development goes back more than 20 years, and many of our products have won design and innovation awards.

Some of our consumer product development projects include signature products for one of China’s largest distributors of consumer tech, as well as mass production of successful Kickstarter projects. We are strategic partners with several of our clients.

Our process ensures a very high level of business understanding and market value, and it is the client’s guarantee that the products are always developed with the best possible design and detailing based on thorough market research and delivered with precision and quality.